Family Portraits

Portraits and Memories to treasure for a lifetime

Too often life is so busy that we hardly take time to record the moments and memories along the way. Sure, with today’s technology we snap a lot of photos with our cell phones but it’s not too often that we invest time into having a wall portrait made for the home. Family photo sessions are an excellent way to capture the growth of children and create wonderful pieces of artwork to display around the home and share with other family members.

Most of the family sessions are done outdoors in a relaxed and carefree manner. Children are more likely to act natural while being outside rather than in a strange studio that they’re not familiar with. However, some families prefer the formal look of a studio backdrop and I have several to choose from that are perfect for the smaller family. Whether inside or outside, I prefer to create my own lighting scenarios and routinely use studio flash outdoors. While some families prefer to wear matching outfits, I’ve found that coordinating colors and patterns blend beautifully within the background and make the portraits more unique, rather than all white or all black shirts. Each family is different and some thought should be given as to what everyone will be wearing in the photos.

Lilliandiningroom The dining room is “the” family place to be! What better time to celebrate your family unity than when a meal and stories are being shared around the table! This grouping above consists of seven gallery wrap canvassas. The center is a striking 30×40 inch. The smaller ones on each side at the bottom are all 8×12 inch and the two outside top ones are each 11×17. This really makes a statement for a large family gathering!

livingroomimage1600 The family room is another perfect place for a large framed family photograph! The warmth of the fireplace, even more so during the holidays, draws people together and invites them to sit for a while. Whether talking and laughing together or sharing a movie on the television, the family room is an ideal place to relax and enjoy being with one another. This beautiful framed print is a 20×30 horizontal (not including the frame itself).
livingroomimage2600 Opposite the family photograph over the mantel, is the ideal place to group smaller, matching framed photographs taken during the same photo session.  These matching framed prints are each 11×14 in size (not including the frames themselves).
officeimage600 The office is another great location for a framed photograph. It’s also a nice opportunity to choose a photograph that also offers wonderful scenery. While the family members in the photo are certainly important, a nice scenery image makes a perfect addition to an office environment (while showing off the family too)! This beautiful framed print is a 24×30 horizontal (not including the frame itself).
bedroomimage600 The wedding day is certainly a treasured memory. A large portrait over the bed of the wedding couple makes a wonderful and lasting statement to the love that was shared on that special day and everyday thereafter! This beautiful framed print is a 20×30 horizontal (not including the frame itself).

Framed Prints and Gallery Wraps: The walls of your home are begging to have framed family photographs! These are the ones you want to show off to friends and other family members that come over for a visit. To help you in this task, I can totally show you what your own family photographs will look when put on YOUR walls at home. Yes, you can email me a photograph of the wall that needs the attention and I can load it in my software and display your family photographs on the screen during your viewing and ordering session! How much easier does it get?


Even better, I have a framing company that offers just about every possible color and framing combination you can think of! The Wild Sorbet Frame Company truly has more frame choices than you can even imagine. There is something for EVERYONE!  If you’d like to check out their 2012 product catalog, just click on the photo below and view the catalog online …



Digital Images and Print Release: The photo disk is one of my top-selling items. You choose your favorite images to be saved on the disk (in 8×12 print size) and you also get a print release so that you can print your favorite photos time after time, at your own convenience! Those with large families or grandmas who want a copy of every photograph you buy will be thrilled at the convenience and cost-savings that printing your own images provides. Remember though that I only “guarantee” prints that I produce myself. Other places and one-hour shops normally can’t get the color exactly right and you end up with one too blue or one too yellow, etc. For online ordering, I recommend Mpix to all of my clients. Go check them out if you haven’t already. They’re awesome and they’ll make your prints look awesome too!

PF2C3414 Each image disk collection comes in a plastic case with a color printed image on the front and smaller thumbnail images of those you’ve chosen on the back. The disk itself is also customized for you! A signed pdf print release is included on the disk so that you can have your images printed legally. :)  There is also a simplified release printed on the inside of the disk cover, as well as around the perimeter of the actual disk. disksample diskcover

Custom Designed Cards: Along with the portrait session, I can also create custom greeting cards using the family photos, which are great for holiday cards or birthday party invitations. I am very comfortable with computer design and look forward to creating the special items that you will treasure for years to come. And these days, cards don’t have to be regular rectangles! They can come in all sorts of shapes, some folded, some flat and even some posed as ornaments with a pre-punched hole!

cardsample Family Albums: Of course, if you’re looking for the ultimate in preserving your family photos, I also offer custom-designed printed albums. books-warranty