Session Fee and General Information

Thank you for your interest in custom photography services!  I love providing clients with treasured photographs that they can enjoy for years to come.  I truly believe you can never have too many good photographs. 

Many people have put off having family photographs done because … everyone is too busy, money is tight right now, can’t decide what to wear, one family member grumbles about having to do it, etc.  Put away the excuses and schedule your family session today.  Make it a priority.  The days go by quickly … make some memories that will last!


Session Fee

The regular session fee for portraits is $100

Prints and Collections

Prints begin at $30 and Collections begin at $360. Clients typically spend $400 to $1,000 during a normal photography session.

After the Session

At the time of your photography session, we will schedule a viewing/ordering appointment for approximately two weeks later. At that time, you will see your proofs and we’ll work together on creating your photography order.