Newborn Babies


Newborn and Baby’s First Year

Tiny fingers, tiny toes … there’s just nothing like a newborn baby! To capture the sweet, sleeping nature of the newborn, I’d recommend having baby’s first portraits taken within 7 days of birth. Because they are so limber during this time, and normally sleeping soundly, they are much easier to capture in the adorable poses and dress up in cute little hats and accessories. Many of the newborn photos are usually taken without any clothes on and I’d recommend not dressing baby in anything tight prior to the photos so that clothing marks don’t form on the skin … that includes the diaper too.

Parents may bring the baby to the studio for the first portraits or they may opt to have them made at their home. Either way is fine with me. Normally it is more comfortable and convenient for mom if I just come over to the house and set up in the living room, or a similar area. I’ll still bring all of my equipment, hats, backdrops and accessories.

Custom birth announcements can also be designed for you to share with family and friends!

Babies grow so fast and in the first week is the perfect time to capture all of the adorable little baby parts!