Triple Athlete {Tattnall Senior Photography}

Yes, I’m falling a bit behind on my blog lately, but I hope to get caught up again this week! :) I have a big wedding coming up Saturday so I know I’m gonna wanna post a bunch of happy photos from wedding day come Sunday afternoon when I recover! So, I have a couple senior shoots and a Christmas session to get on the blog before the weekend. Here goes the first one …

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Dayday Davis decided to have his senior photos taken at Tattnall County High School recently. It’s the perfect setting for him since Dayday’s involved in football, basketball and baseball for the Warriors! Right now he’s just coming off of football and getting started with basketball! It’s a busy year for this high school senior!

Dayday doesn’t normally wear glasses but don’t they give him that distinguished look? His dad thought so and urged a few scholarly photos. I’m thinking this one by the stop sign makes him look more like administration telling those teenagers to slow it down! lol

Dayday’s dad, mom and two younger sisters came out for the photo session and they were a big help with their support for the photos and getting my equipment carried all over the place. We wanted to get these outdoor casual photos first before moving on to the sports photos. Since the baseball field is looking very rough these days, I’ve been telling my seniors that we’ll set up a day in the spring and do a group session dedicated to baseball only! In this session, we were doing good to get casual, basketball and football in one afternoon.

Since the football field was currently occupied by another group, we decided to head indoors first to the basketball court, once we finished up the casual photos. We had the whole place to ourselves and since it was my first basketball portrait shoot, I had lots of stuff I wanted to try out but still needed to watch the clock so that we could get outside again for football photos before it got too dark.

On this next shot, you may think you’re seeing double … and I mean twins, not a double dribble. lol, okay, that’s about the extent of my basketball lingo, don’t worry! Dayday suggested I get a shot of him side by side in his home jersey and the away one. Super! I set it up like he was playing both the offense and defense. I just held the camera real still while he ran and changed into the other uniform and then I merged them together on the computer. Looking at it now, I wish I would have gotten him to take one more step back. I realize in basketball you have to be all up on your opponent, but it made it kinda tricky putting them together. Still a cool concept though! And by the way, in case you were wondering, he didn’t lose the ball, but didn’t score either! It was pretty evenly matched. ;-)

Speaking of scoring, this next shot shows two different perspectives. In the first photo, I was sitting on the floor with my wide angle lens, hoping that I wouldn’t get stepped on. In the second shot, I was up in the air (on a ladder) about even with the basket. I just got Dayday to keep running and shooting … yes, coach, you can thank me later for that extra practice time! lol

We wrapped up the basketball stuff and headed outside and it was about dark. These year-end afternoon photo shoots almost make me miss the summer’s late sun (minus the bugs, extreme humidity and 100 plus degree temperatures, of course). Since the sky was very drab-gray looking that evening, I decided to play around with the tungsten setting on the camera and gelled my strobes. It was the first time playing around with that setting where I actually got some decent shots! Yes, the dark blue skies in the background are real (the lightning of course, was put in afterwards as there’s no way I’d be out there in that kinda storm!).

Thank you, Dayday, for being a great photo subject and not complaining about my “practice” shots and those just for fun! :-) Thanks, too, for your family and the support and help that they extended during the session. By the end of it, it was so dark that the camera couldn’t focus and it took all of us working together to make the photos turn out! lol. Good luck with the last half of your senior year!!

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